Meatballs with Tahini Sauce


Meatballs with Tahini Sauce

  • Preparation time
  • Preparation time

    15 minute
  • cooking time
  • Cooking time

    20 minute
  • Preparation time
  • Difficulty

  • cooking time
  • Serving

    4 People
  • Goody kitchen


For meatballs:
1 tbsp of Goody Vegetable Shortening 
2 tbsps of Goody Natural Sugar Cane Vinegar
½ kg Beef, minced
1 whole Carrot
1 whole Zucchini
2 Paper Rolls
1 whole Onion, minced
1 whole Egg, whisked
½ tsp Cumin
½ tsp Dry Coriander
1 tbsps Parsley
1 tbsps Green Coriander, finely minced
Salt and Black Pepper to taste
For Tahini Sauce:
3 tbsps Goody Natural Sugar Cane Vinegar
3 tbsps Tahini
½ cup of warm water
1 tbsp pine nuts, roasted
Salt and Black Pepper to taste


1.    Mince all ingredients except the vegetable shortening to make the meatball mixture, then grease the oven tray with ghee; make medium-sized balls from the meatball mixture and place in a medium sized tray; bake in the oven until cooked.
2.    Mix tahini with the vinegar and add water gradually until the mixture becomes creamy; and then add salt and pepper.
3.    Add the meatballs to the tahini and place them in a pot over the fire for 5 minutes; and place them in a serving bowl; garnish with roasted pine nuts and then serve.

•    It can be served with white rice.