Peach Cobbler


Peach Cobbler

A delicious sweet fruit dish, serve as a snack in the afternoon with ice-cream or whipped cream.

  • Preparation time
  • Preparation time

    10 minute
  • cooking time
  • Cooking time

    45 minute
  • Preparation time
  • Difficulty

  • cooking time
  • Serving

    4 People
  • Goody kitchen


1 Cube Butter
1 Cup Flour
1 Cup Sugar
1 tbsp Brown Sugar
1 teaspoon Salt
3 tsp Baking Powder
3 tbsp Velor powder milk dissolved in 1 Cup water
2 teaspoons Lemon Juice


1.    Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.  
2.    Place the butter in a 25cm cast iron Put into oven for two or three minutes until the butter is melted. While that is melting, measure out your peaches and set aside.
3.    Stir together all the dry ingredients in a medium sized mixing bowl.  Add milk and lemon juice whisk together until well mixed.  
4.    Remove pan from oven and make sure the butter evenly coats entire pan.  Add half of the batter to the pan.  Add peaches on top.  Pour remaining batter over peaches (this batter will all rise to the top when cooking).  Bake for 45 minutes.  Serve warm with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.