Shish Barak with Yogurt


Shish Barak with Yogurt

Innovatively new,A hearty dish, ideas for Ramadan nights

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  • Cooking time

    0 minute
  • Preparation time
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  • Goody kitchen


½  pack Goody Pipe Rigate pasta (shape 16)
250 g  minced meat (beef or lamb)
3 tbsp parsley, minced
3 tbsp onion, minced
1 tsp salt and black pepper
½ tsp cinnamon
Yogurt sauce:
5 tbsp yogurt
4 cups liquid yogurt
1 tbsp starch 
Fried Garnish:
3 – 4 tbsp green coriander, chopped
2 tbsp oil or shortening (to taste)
1 medium tbsp clove garlic, minced


1.    Meat preparation:Mix all the ingredients, knead them and form small balls.Fry the ingredients without any additions for approximately 10 minutes and then leave aside.
2.    Yogurt sauce preparation:Mix well the ingredients of the yogurt sauce in a blender for about 3 minutes.Simmer the ingredients then add the meatballs and the partially boiled pasta.Be sure to salt the sauce before serving
3.    Frying preparation: Fry the garlic in the oil until it is golden.Add the chopped green coriander and leave for 2 minutes on the heat, then it is ready for garnishing.
4.    .Put the ingredients in the serving dish and garnish with the fried ingredients.