Tomato and Roasted Peppers' Soup


Tomato and Roasted Peppers' Soup

  • Preparation time
  • Preparation time

    15 minute
  • cooking time
  • Cooking time

    40 minute
  • Preparation time
  • Difficulty

  • cooking time
  • Serving

    4 People
  • Goody kitchen


2 tbsps olive oil
500gm Red Bell Peppers
2 Goody Chicken Stock cubes
4 tbsps butter
½ cup Goody Orzo Pasta
1 medium onion, quartered
1 can Goody sieved tomatoes
2 sprigs of fresh thyme
Salt and black Pepper
4 cups Water


1.Preheat oven to 200 degrees.
2.Place red bell peppers on a baking sheet and sprinkle with olive oil. Place the baking sheet in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes to roast. Once cooked cover the red peppers with aluminum foil and leave for 10 minutes to cool down. Remove the skin and the seeds from the peppers.
3.In a medium saucepan, crush chicken stock cubes in 4 cups of water and heat it until the cubes dissolve.
4.Meanwhile, in a pan over medium heat, melt the butter then add the Orzo pasta and stir until lightly browned, remove from heat.
5.In a large pan on medium heat, melt 2 tbsps of butter then add the onions, cook for 2 minutes then add the tomatoes, red peppers, and thyme, and stir for 5 minutes. Add the chicken stock and turn the heat to low. Blend the soup using the hand blender. Then add the Orzo pasta and cover the soup and leave to cook for 20 minutes. Check seasoning and serve.