To a new Decade

Welcome to the new Goody Kitchen!
We’re a growing community of like-minded foodies!

Our new brand reflects the development that we’ve all made over the past 10 years, honing our skills in the kitchen.

It’s more inclusive, representing the growing number of women as well as men that share a deep passion for cooking.

As a nod to where we’ve come from, we’ve kept the chef’s hat representing our food mastery. This is now redrawn using human strokes to express our continuous journey to create and experiment more.

Our beloved red has been brightened up, representing our community’s love of food.

Simplicity runs throughout so that as you start to see us in more places and on more platforms our brand won’t get in the way of the inspiring content that we and you will be creating.

We’re here to be the source for – and the voice of – the foodies.

So let’s get cooking!