Goody Tuna, one of the top tuna brands in Saudi Arabia, is also the brand with the widest selection of tuna, ensuring we have a product to suit everyone’s tastes. Goody Albacore contains the highest concentration of Omega 3 for a healthy heart, while Goody Tuna in Brine contains 90% less fat than regular tuna for a healthier diet. For those consumers with a flair for the spicy, Goody Tuna with Chilli is just the hot they desire. Tenderina is a soft, refined tuna with vegetable extracts that is ready to eat. Goody Tuna in Sunflower Oil contains a delicious light tuna taste.

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Looking for the best tuna and tuna recipe? Let’s have a look at different kinds of Goody Tuna available at your nearest store and recommended recipes to go with it. We are sure you will love it! Read More

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