German Pineapple Tart

A recipe with serious wow-factor. The tinned fruit and coconut give this impressive layered German pineapple tart a fabulous tropical taste and beautiful colour. Bake just before you want to serve it, as it tastes best warm from the oven accompanied by lashings of cream or custard.

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Recipe by: Goody Kitchen

  • 4 Persons
  • 1 Hour
  • Medium Recipe

Serving Size

  • 1

    Heat the oven at 180oC.

  • 2

    Mix the butter with flour, coconut, and sugar until the mixture becomes homogenous, and an incorporated dough is formed.

  • 3

    Put ¾ of the dough in the sheet, and raise its edges a bit. Keep the remaining dough amount in the freezer.

  • 4

    In an electric mixer at high speed, whisk the egg whites until its size increases, and then set it aside.

  • 5

    Mix the filling ingredients well, then roll it out on the dough; and then roll out the egg white layer over the top.

  • 6

    Take out the remaining dough from the freezer, and grate it over the dough’s top.

  • 7

    Bake the dough in the oven for 35-40 minutes until it is cooked and browned a bit.

  • 8

    Serve the tart hot with cream or liquid custard.