Lemon ice cream cups with mint sherbet

One of the most entertaining desserts to make and serve. This recipe is perfect for a dinner party because all the elements can be prepared ahead, meaning that on the night, you can pop in to the kitchen and return 5 minutes later with a dessert that will wow your guest. Trust us – we’ve tried it! 

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Recipe by: Goody Kitchen

  • 6 Persons
  • 20 Minutes
  • Easy Recipe

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    Cut the top from each lemon to make the lid then set aside. Trim the other end of the lemon to create a flat base. Use your smallest serrate knife to cut out the flesh from the lemon – squeeze into a jug until you have ½ cup juice. Put the hollowed-out lemons and lemon lids in the freezer, saving for presentation. 

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    Make the ice cream. Pour the condensed milk and double cream into a bowl. Beat with an electric whisk for 3-4 minutes or until the mixture holds its shape. Whisk in the lemon zest and lemon juice, the sugar and the vanilla. Transfer to a freezeproof container until frozen.

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    Once the ice cream and lemons are frozen, make the mint topping. Pound the mint, sugar and lemon zest together. 

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    To serve, generously scoop the ice cream into the lemon shells and top with the lids. Serve with a bowl of the mint sugar for your guests to sprinkle.