Grilled Summer Corn

Grilled corn cobs are a delicious summer flavor served on your table!

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Recipe by: Goody Kitchen

  • 4 Persons
  • 30 Minutes
  • Easy Recipe

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  • Season to Taste

  • 1

    Start by boiling the corn until it is fully cooked, for 20-25 minutes.

  • 2

    Meanwhile, prepare the sauce. In a bowl, put all the sauce ingredients and whisk until well mixed.

  • 3

    Heat the grill to high heat and once the corn is cooked, dry it well and then grill it over medium-low heat on all sides to give the corn a charcoal flavor and dark grill marks.

  • 4

    To assemble the dish, top the corn with the sauce, then add feta cheese, Parmesan, and coriander and serve.