Canapé method with many methods and different fillings

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  • 8 Persons
  • 1 Hour
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    For tuna,Mix the tuna, mayonnaise, cheese spread, hot sauce, salt and pepper. Place on bread and serve with lettuce, cucumbers and gherkins. 

  • 2

    For Hommus:In a blender, mix the hommus, garlic, water, oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Serve on bread with a piece of beet and cucumber. 

  • 3

    For Salmon and cheese:Mix cheese, lemon juice and lemon zest. Spread on bread. Top with a slice of smoked salmon and an olive. 

  • 4

    For Chicken:Season chicken with olive oil, salt and pepper. Chill In refrigerator for ½ hour. Cook chicken until done. Cut into small pieces.Spread the thousand island dressing on the bread.  Top with cheese, tomato, lettuce and chicken. 

  • 5

    For Labneh: Spread mayonnaise on bread. Next, place cucumbers and labneh. Top with pomegranate and olives. Serve. 

  • 6

    For Shrimp:Spread the thousand island dressing on the bread. Add the lettuce, shrimps. Add some more thousand island dressing, top with green pepper and serve.

  • 7

    For  Cheese: Spread mayonnaise on bread. Add the lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and serve.