Chilled sweetcorn gazpacho with corn and melon salsa

جازباتشو الذرة الحلوة المبردة مع صلصة الذرة والشمّام من أفضل الوجبات... لغداء خفيف

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  • 2 Persons
  • 10 Minutes
  • Easy Recipe

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    Drain Corn and put in a food processor with white beans, 1 cup cold vegetable stock, 1 chopped yellow pepper, 1 yellow or red tomato, 1 peeled and chopped cucumber, ¼ cup olive oil and 1 deseeded and chopped red chilli. Season with 1 tbsp Goody Vinegar and salt and pepper.Chill in the fridge until needed.

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     While chilling, make a salsa with sweetcorn, chopped rock melon, lime zest and juice, mint, coriander and red chilli.