Crispy Chicken Burger

Make your own crunchy chicken burger with all its ingredients and serve it deliciously fresh to your family members.

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Recipe by: Goody Kitchen

  • 5 Persons
  • 2 Hours
  • Easy Recipe

Serving Size

  • 1

    Using a hammer, try thinning the chicken breasts.

  • 2

    In a deep bowl, put the buttermilk, smoked paprika, black pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder; mix together and then dip the chicken breasts in the mixture for 2 hours.

  • 3

    In a deep bowl, add all the chicken cover ingredients and mix them together. After two hours, move the chicken to the dry mixture; then return it to the milk mixture and then once more to the dry mixture. Repeat the process until the chicken amount ends.

  • 4

    Fry the chicken in the oil at 360 degrees for 6 – 7 minutes, or measure the chicken’s temperature using the meat thermometer until its temperature reaches 165oF.

  • 5

    Coat the burger bread with the spicy Chipotle sauce, then place a few of your favorite vegetables, followed by the fried chicken. Enjoy your meal.