Love Your Leftovers

March 4, 2021

Love Your Leftovers

With a little care and creativity, you can turn your leftovers into meals to remember!

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Care to share These are some of our favourite ways to make leftovers special – and we’d love to hear about yours. Show and tell on our social channels.
  • The leftover cooked chicken
  1. Musakhan chicken tartlets to make these tasty tartlets, combine cooked shredded chicken with fried onions, sumac, allspice and saffron. Pile onto rounds of cooked pastry or Arabic bread with Goody Regular Mayonnaise. Finish with toasted pine nuts, pomegranate seeds and spring onion.
  2. Peppers stuffed with orzo chicken Hollow out the insides of bell peppers. Fill with chopped cooked chicken, Goody Macaroni Orzo cooked al dente, Goody Pimiento Stuffed Green Olives and your choice of nuts, dried fruit and grated cheese. Roast in the oven until tender.
  • The leftover cooked vegetables
  1. Easy vermicelli frittata A frittata is a simple, filling meal. Adding an array of vegetables and cooked Goody Vermicelli Cut to the mix makes it truly memorable. A scattering of fresh herbs and pomegranate seeds is a lovely final flourish.
  2. Fritters with spicy tomato sauce Mix chopped aubergine, courgette, cauliflower and broccoli with cheese (we like feta here) and a little flour to bind. Shallow fry until golden, crunchy and delicious, then serve with a dipping sauce made from Goody Sieved Tomatoes and Goody Hot Sauce