Tips for Making a Successful Burger Every Time

May 27, 2024

Tips for Making a Successful Burger Every Time

Burgers are one of the most popular and delicious fast foods, and the secret lies in how to choose the meat and how to cook it.

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Goody Kitchen brings you some secrets to get the perfect homemade burger.
1/ Choosing the type of meat: One of the most important points is to choose the type of meat used, and it is preferable to choose a piece of fresh ground beef that contains a fat content of between 15-20% to add tenderness, flavor, and good juice to the burger. The meat mixture also varies, and it is recommended to choose 3 different areas. It is preferable to choose parts from the chest, ribs, and shoulder.
2/ Seasoning and shaping: 150 grams of meat are collected in a circular shape so that its size is larger than the size of the bread to account for shrinkage during cooking. If the chosen meat is of high quality, only salt and black pepper are added. We recommend pressing with your thumb in the middle of the meat to prevent it from bending and to achieve complete cooking.
3/ Cooking method: The meat must be kept cold until it is ready for cooking because cold fats melt better, resulting in a juicier burger. It is recommended to use a hot cast iron pan to distribute the heat better for all the meat, in addition to giving it a delicious crunch without drying out the meat. Avoid pressing on the meat during cooking so that it does not lose its juice and dry out. After cooking the meat, set it aside for 5 minutes so that the juice is distributed well in it and the bread does not absorb it and to show the flavors of the seasoning.
By following these tips, you will be able to make a delicious burger every time!