Ways to Eat Vegetables

March 4, 2021

Ways to Eat Vegetables

Certainly, many of us are well aware of the great benefits of vegetables, but we just don’t know the best way to eat them. Read the best way to prepare them - raw, grilled or cook - to get the most of their vitamins.

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Vegetables are an essential part of our daily healthy food because they contain the necessary vitamins and minerals for the human body. So, we should know how to eat them; shall we eat them well- done, medium cooked, grilled or raw?

For example, some vegetables, such as broccoli, potato, zucchini, lose their nutritional value when they are over-cooked. While arugula, scallions, celery, red and green peppers provide us with more nutrients when eaten raw rather then cooked. They, also, give a feeling of fulfilment. On the other hand, carrot, cabbage and tomato gain more nutritional values when they are well-cooked. They proved effective, when cooked, in protecting against prostate cancer and heart diseases.

Eggplant, zucchini, onion, tomato, pepper, potato etc. can be eaten grilled because when they are cooked quickly - by exposing them to high heat - they preserve their vitamins and obtain a delicious BBQ taste. Not to mention that steaming is one of the best way to keep and get the most of the vegetables nutrients.