Common False Food Beliefs

January 14, 2021

Common False Food Beliefs

When they know you are following a healthy nutritious diet, everybody starts lecturing you with baseless and false information about food. We will uncover some food myths to help you keep your healthy diet.

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1.    Date is harmful and causes obesity because of its sugar!
This is a totally wrong belief because dates contain only 68% sugar, while other carbohydrates are 100% sugar. Dates also help balance sugar level because their fiber prevents the sugar from raising the level of insulin in the bloodstream.

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2.    Keep the white and dump the yolk!
This belief is based on an outdated common concept that egg increases the cholesterol content because of the yolk. Actually, yolk contains a higher number of nutrients as it has 40% of the total protein in the egg and 90% of the calcium, iron and B complex vitamin.

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3.    White potatoes are pure carbohydrates with no nutritional value!
Many still believe that white potatoes are pure carbohydrates with no nutritional value. In fact, they contain high levels of dietary fiber that facilitate digestion and provide satiety and a considerable percentage of potassium. Potassium is known to help the heart, blood pressure, muscles, kidneys and nerves. Try the potato in: potato with mayonnaise salad, potato balls baked or mashed potato pie and many more recipes on our website or Goody Kitchen magazines.