Prepare Restaurant-like Meals at Home

March 4, 2021

Prepare Restaurant-like Meals at Home

Restaurants and fast food have become an integral part of our lives. Read how you can make your kitchen your children’s favorite restaurant by preparing their favorite restaurant-style meals at home!

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It is TRUE! Fast food attracts everybody, both adults and children, by its flavor, serving style and catchy colors. However, how are you going to feel when you are not 100% sure that your loved ones are eating food with full nutritional values?! Don’t worry! You can follow these steps that will definitely keep them away from eating fast foods:
  1. Don’t go out with hungry children! Make sure they eat their healthy cooked meal at home first.
  2. Prepare their favorite fast food at home. The food is going to be healthy and safe to eat especially that it’s made by your hands. You can also introduce changes to the recipe in order to have different tastes. For example, when they ask for burgers, try make them mini turkey burger, mushroom and onion burger, burger bites or mini burger sandwiches. For you and your husband, you can make a healthy balanced meal like quinoa burger or tuna burger.
  3. When they want Italian food, such as pasta or pizza, make creamy fettuccine with tomato, pesto spaghetti or chicken and spinach lasagne. There are many healthier and delicious Italian restaurant-style recipes on Goody Kitchen magazine websites or Goody Kitchen magazines.
  4. When you take the kids out to eat in a restaurant, encourage them to choose the healthy food rather than the junk. Eat whole-wheat bread instead of white bread; drink fruit juice instead of soda. Order veggie plates or boiled potato as side dishes instead of French fries and grilled meat instead of fried.